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KaiCarra - The Life Of A New Age Recording Artist
Published By okaygrace on 2012-07-19 421 Views

If you are a fan of Ambient/New Age music, then one of the more exciting up and coming recording artists today is KaiCarra. While KaiCarra has been an international recording artist for over the past 15 years (releasing 2 full-length albums during that time), she has only just released her first American single titled “Lady” on July 4th, 2012.

Growing up in a family filled of talented musicians, it was almost destined from birth that KaiCarra would become an inspiring musician. From her grandmother being a self-taught pianist to her brother being another songwriter/recording artist with the duo “Stillwell,” the drive to learn, practice and perform musically has been instilled in KaiCarra from a very early age.

KaiCarra’s performing career started at the early age of just 7 years old, where she was a part of the then-popular hit musical Annie, which toured across the state of California. She then went on to record 4 songs with a private music label at the age of 10, and was featured on the national television show “Good Morning America.”

It seemed like things were taking shape for a very bright musical career for KaiCarra, when suddenly she lost her voice due to overexertion at such a young age. It was then that she began to train at the Philip Martin School of Music, where she discovered that she had a naturally high ranged vocal ability called coloratura and her vocal sound began to mature.

At the age of 12, she began to teach herself the piano, and by 16 she was composing her first full-length songs. While her drive to become a professional musician was always burning inside her, KaiCarra decided to take the next several years off from the entertainment industry to focus on herself and what she wanted to do with her life.

It was then at the age of 21 that KaiCarra was re-invigorated to pursue her musical career after listening to Sara Brightman on the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, and she decided to return to the Philip Martin School of Music for several more years of training to solidify her natural vocal abilities. Ironically enough, it was several years after that when KaiCarra ran into Sara Brightman while appearing at a local TV station and her career began to gain momentum.

In 2000, KaiCarra moved to Europe and released her first album titled “Thanks to the Blessing Gods,” and then followed that up in 2001 by releasing a completely instrumental album titled “The Window Collection.” She has been touring across Europe for many years since then, and was even asked to perform at the United Nations in Paris back in 2003.

Now, in 2012, KaiCarra is poised to release her long awaited 3rd full-length album in November under her own recording label, Gobriari, which will feature her recently released single “Lady” that is now available on iTunes, Amazon and playing on a growing number of indie ratio stations nationwide.

While speaking on the KaiCarra’s new single “Lady,” Mike White Presents Co. of London states: “Really enjoyed the rich theatrical structure of this original composition [Lady]...the operatic nature of the vocals help to cement it as an Anthem, as a musical statement of Purpose. With skills like these [KaiCarra] should be writing for Broadway!” Coincidentally this is exactly what KaiCarra has aspirations to do in the future. In fact, she has been working on one musical in particular over the past five years that is almost near completion, so this aspiration may come sooner rather than later.

The future is looking bright for KaiCarra, and with her amazing vocal talents there is no limit to how far she can go.

For more information about KaiCarra, you can visit her website at

or listen to some of her music on her Reverbnation page at http://www.reverbnation.com/kaicarra

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